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Ashirwad Palace

About Us


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Ashirwad Palace
Ashirwad Palace
Ashirwad Palace

Aashirwad Palace was a foundation our father created and its been our goal to build each brick it supports to the next level.


Aashriwad Palace a simple family owned business, which specializes in making your special moment into a life long memory.


We understand its stressful to organize events so our team sits besides you and works with you to make your precious moments into priceless memories.


We have two ballrooms filled with elegance, grace, and ambiance perfectly suited for your special day.

The Garden Room which accommodates 75-150 guests perfect for those small intimate events. The Grand Ballroom accommodates 150-350 guests perfect suited for larger formal events.


Our Chefs are here to prepare customized dishes that suit your family preferences and present them in large buffets filled with variety and taste hand selected for your satisfaction.


We have always provided all guests with a family like atmosphere where we can take the stress away from hosting events so that they can enjoy there events with there friends and family.


With us on your side you can sit back take that drink, enjoy that meal, or dance the night on the floor and rest assure that we are standing strong behind you making sure your vision is starting to turn into a real memory too.


Its always been an honor and a pleasure to be a part of our guests special day and we here at Aashirwad Palace hope you will give us the opportunity to be a part of your special day someday too.


"As we always say come as a Guest and leave like Family"


Thank you.


Aashirwad Palace

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