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Indian Banquet Catering New JerseyIndian Banquet Catering New JerseyIndian Banquet Catering New Jersey

Thank you for your kind words!

Hi Sam!

I don't remember a lot from the end of the party but however much I remember I had lots of fun! ;) Everyone was raving about the food and the service. My maid of honor Nidhi was telling me how much she ate your head and you were very co-operative and helpful. She mentioned that even Nayan was extremely helpful. Oh and thank you so much for packing all the food. I did not get a chance to eat at the party but next day everything tasted perfect. I ate some of the appetizers-Pani puri was great! Thank you for all the shots by the way, the blue shots that you made (I think you made them) were AMAZING! Everyone enjoyed ALOT..... We will be coming to your venue in June for a baby shower for Priyanka Rana and Badal Rana.

The entire gang!!!

Where can we officially write a review for Ashirwad Palace, so people know that they should hold all their events at your place?? THANK YOU SO MUCH ONCE AGAIN!!!

-Sweta & Brijen

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